HERE'S YOUR CHRISTMAS CARD, BITCH | A Kunty Kristmas Kard. Perth, WA.
Here’s your Christmas Card, B**ch


There’s always one. Here’s their fucking Christmas Card. Bitches.. 💌

$1 from every card is donated to an Australian charity. This year Kunty Kristmas has chosen to support Foodbank, Movember, The Smith Family and Zonta House. You can choose where this donation goes below.


As a part of the 2021 Kunty Kristmas range, this card has been small-batch printed with white ink on a beautiful, thick, eco-friendly (aw) 300gsm picalilli gold coloured cardstock.


  • 1 x Kristmas Kard – folded in half, the card size is A6 and set in landscape format -14.8cm W x 10.5cm H
  • 1 x Premium White 120GM Envelope
  • Special edition Kunfetti mix
  • Free standard postage to any address within Australia (yes we deliver to PO boxes)

If you are purchasing 6 or more Kunty Kristmas Kards enter discount code KUNTYK to sweeten the deal. 

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You’re gonna get a lot of questions about this legendary card (and we know how fucking annoying this can be) so we’ve put our deets on the back of the card. If peeps miss it, it really is their loss.

Also, this card may cause fits of laughter or you might get your ass kicked. Whatever happens, you are purchasing this card at your own risk, understanding that it may offend. If this is the case, we suggest you find new friends. Once this card has been dispatched, everything is out of our control and we are not responsible for the reaction you may get. Unless you get laid, then hurrah!

Weight 0.1 kg
Printed card info

Folded in half, this card is 10.5cm x 14.5cm
Card stock – 40% recycled + 308gsm
Card colour – Eco Grande Rouge
Ink colour – White

Order processing time

Please allow 1-2 business days plus postage time