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A card experience so good you can send them blank

Kunty Kards are the only card company committed to finding happiness from perfect contradictions, with profanity that brightens someone’s day.

Because life can be elegantly fucked.

Michelle Birch - Founder + Creative Director
About Kunty Kards and Michelle Birch - Founder, Creative Director and chief dickhead of Kunty Kards, Perth WA

We pack the greatest hits of profanity onto elegant greeting cards, to show you fucking care.

Kunty Kards is not just an outlet for devilish swearing in public. Don’t get us wrong, it kind of is. But it was born from a time of challenging events that we’ll just call ‘life’ for our KK founder, Michelle. These kards pulled her out to find happiness and not take life so seriously by making excruciatingly fun greeting cards that get a guaranteed reaction.

While Michelle isn’t known as a big user of the c-bomb, especially as a mum. These kards are our way of helping you give an unmistakable expression of love that is not likely to be forgotten. As we aim to set the bar of love gratuitously lower to make it more frequently and consistently declared with our kards and kunfetti.

So tell someone you fucking love them with a Kunty Kard.

The definition of Kunty as meant by Kunty Kards in white poppins text on a black background. Perth WA

It starts with the definition of ``Kunty`` (and that's with a K).

To us love is black and white and there’s nothing more real than telling someone you fucking love them. The only thing grey may be the colour of our cards. Making them the perfect contradiction to express how you feel about your best friend, mum, colleague or that bloke Steve in accounts who is a bit of fuckwit, but he’s doing his best.

So it wouldn’t be a Kunty Kard without them brandished with oxymorons, juxtapositions, contrasting details and profanity without hesitation. Because why the fuck not? 

We patently use colourful words to express ourselves with jaw-dropping honesty and unmistakable authenticity. So that we may set the bar of love gratuitously lower to make it more frequently and consistently declared with kunfetti. As a community, we give Kunty Kards to others to ground ourselves. To take life less seriously and be givers to those we know will receive our love with love in return. Especially if it makes you realise why you’re friends when you can comfortably call each other a cun…ningly good friend. 

Why us?

The real question is “why the fuck not?”. A Kunty Kard is our way of letting you send an unforgettable expression of feels that are so good you could send the card blank if you wanted to.

We totally understand, there are occasions or people that don’t require such catastrophic verbs and adjectives on a card. Which is why we also make Klassic Kards and Krappy Kards through the little sister website – Kard Shop.

The latter might bore someone to tears if you’re not careful. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

We’re glad you asked. With every kard we sell, it includes our signature kunfetti experience. Now if you know your recipient haaaaates confetti, then we’ve got you covered. If you click here, it’ll take you to our double confetti pack.

Yep, double the confetti, double the eye rolls – get your Dyson ready, b**ch!



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