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100% That Bitch Necklace


The 100% That Bitch necklace is the perfect line of fashionable, self-empowering jewellery!

Beads are nickel-free stainless steel, with the “100% That Bitch” phrase engraved on both sides of the bead. Finished as it is or with a yellow gold, or rose gold metal alloy.

Each 1.5mm ball chain is made of nickel-free stainless steel and comes with a standard ball clasp. Beads can be easily added to the chain to create a customised necklace!

Beads will move and spin when worn, giving a fidget-style feature. Rub or spin beads when you need an affirmation reminder!

The chain comes in a 76cm/30 inch length which can be easily shortened by cutting with strong scissors or wire cutters.

Includes a drawer-style jewellery box and polishing cloth.


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Have you ever wondered what happens when the pure exhaustion of having a second child collides headfirst with the Pinterest version of yourself and you suddenly remember exactly who the fuck you are?

Nope, well, Glass House Goods is what happens. That’s what.

Please let me introduce you to Ricki, a lady I accidentally fell in love with on TikTok after she told me to fuck what they think about something I can’t even remember anymore. Based in Ontario, Canada, Ricki dreamed up Glass House Goods (or GHG) as a stylish reminder to women of their truth, their strength and their sass. What Ricki really created though was a way to connect with other women to celebrate their tenacity and everything they are. A community and I quote, “of vulnerability, kindness and badassery”.

Why do I love GHG? Well, because life can be elegantly fucked and it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the stories we can tell ourselves when the negativity gets a bit loud. I love that the message behind (and on) Ricki’s brand becomes a part of the whole getting-ourselves-ready-for-the-day ritual, and vice versa. A silent affirmation, minus the fluff. It resonates with everything I hope for Kunty Kards and I am stoked to be able to help Ricki extend her message to the good folk of Australia/Oceania.

Meet Ricki // Visit Glass House Goods // Follow Glass House Goods on TikTok + Instagram

To keep your jewellery as good as new, we recommend:

  • Avoid contact with water, perfume, lotions and excessive sweat.
  • Always remove jewellery before going to bed.
  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
  • When not wearing your jewellery, store it in the box and/or pouch provided.
  • Remove jewellery before physical activities (like the gym, gardening etc).
  • Gemstones can be brittle, wear with extra care.


Please allow 1-2 days for your order to be processed.


All sales are final and we ask that you view all images and double-check all information provided before purchasing this item. If you want to try this on first and are able to meet me within the Perth metropolitan area, please email me at [email protected] – I’d be more than happy to organise this for you.

We do not refund or replace items if you have simply changed your mind. However, if your item arrives in a not-so-great condition or has not arrived within 30 (thirty) days from the date of purchase, please contact us at [email protected] within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving it so that we can investigate and sort this out for you.

More information on this can be found on our Store Policy page.


We send all of our cards via the Australia Post network and pretty much adhere to their rules and regs. More information, along with general delivery timeframes can be found on our Shipping Information page, but the short of it is:

  • All shipping costs quoted on this website are as per Australia Post. We’re not greedy fuckers and do not profit from this and this amount is what is paid to Australia Post.
  • The free standard postage included with our cards is UNTRACKED and can take 5-10 business days for the cards to be delivered within Australia.
  • Coronavirus is really fucking with people’s shit, especially internationally so this may affect the delivery schedule. The latest service updates from Australia Post can be found here: https://auspost.com.au/service-updates
  • Once we have dispatched the items, all delivery things are out of our control and we rely on the good folk at Australia Post to do their thing.
  • We are not responsible for correctly delivering items to addresses incorrectly supplied by you. We also don’t refund this either. Please check you have given us the right address.



We’re discreet AF and value your privacy. All of our payments are processed via Paypal or Stripe on their platforms and no payment information actually hits our website (and none whatsoever is saved by us). If you have saved credit card information popping up, it is because you have given PayPal or Stripe permission to do this somewhere along the way. More information on this can be found on our Privacy Policy and Store Policy pages.

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Another year older and not much has changed…. you’re still that bitch and that’s why we love you!

A6, 10.5cm x 14.8cm.
Eco-friendly, luxe 308gsm, misty grey card stock. 40% recycled + 10-20% bagasse pulp.
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This epic Kunty Kard, premium white envelope, kunfetti mix. Free standard postage to any address in Australia (untracked).

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Best Bitches Necklace


The best bitches necklace. Because we’ve all got that one friend. The one who loves you unconditionally and will always have your back, no matter what. Well, Glass House Goods Canada has made a necklace for that very special gal! They’ll love the bold, bold message on the inside while keeping it secret on the outside.

This is like the adult version of a bestie’s necklace.

Made of nickel-free stainless steel, finished as it is, or with a rose gold or yellow gold alloy.

Chains are approx 40cm/16 inches in length with a 5cm/2 inch extender.

Includes a drawer-style jewellery box and polishing cloth.

Fresh Outta Fucks Necklace


Do a lot of swearing? Find yourself short on fucks to give? Just want to keep it light and fun during your day? Then the Fresh Outta Fucks necklace made by Glass House Goods Canada is for you! The necklace is plain on the outside but has badass truths on the inside. This necklace is also perfect for those times when you simply cannot spare a single fuck.

Made of nickel-free stainless steel, finished as it is, or with a rose gold or yellow gold alloy.

Chains are approx 40cm/16 inches in length with a 5cm/2 inch extender.

Includes a drawer-style jewellery box and polishing cloth.




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